Saturday, June 21, 2014

How to get direct referrals

Getting Direct referrals is one the easiest and quickest way to earn money from any PTC or GPT websites. If you want to get direct referrals you have to work more. I have listed some methods below to get direct referrals.

1. Create a Blog.
This is the most easiest way to get direct referrals. Create a well structured blog for your PTC website with your referral link. You need to gain your reader's attention by clearly mentioning positives of your PTC website and  strategy to earn money from it. Upload all payment proof screen shoot to your blog, Add some comments , mentions your opinions. Update the blog periodically so that it is searchable from search engines. I believe this is the best way to get more direct referrals. I give more importance to this.

2. Adertise your link
Advertising your blog with referral link or referral link will get you quality traffic,but this will be very expensive. You get direct referrals quickly with this method. I will not suggest this method as there is no guarantee, the direct referral will be quality clicker. Most of the referrals just get away with in some period of time. Assume that CPC is  0.1$(Minimum), You buy 100 clicks which is 10$(100 * 0.1), You get 3 Referrals. Assuming that PTC pays 0.005 for each click of direct referral and all you direct referral are clicking at an average of 2 per day.

0.005 x 2 x 3 = 0.03 (Earning per day)

0.03 x 30 = 0.9 (per month)

So you have to wait for 1 year approximately to get the actual amount. I do not prefer this method.

3. Add your referral link to your signature and be Active On Forums
Add your referral link to your email signature or forum signature, the reader of the eamil or forum might become your direct referral. Just participate in forums on areas which you are more interested, this might not only get direct referral, also you will learn. Your signature does everything for you.

4. Tell your friends and relatives
Post your blog or views about PTC in social network and let your friends or relatives know about it. Request them to give a try. The best thing is to write a blog with a nice strategy and ask them to read it so that they will have some clear idea. You can direct referrals easily with this method without spending a penny from your pocket.

5. Participate in Click Exchangers
Advertise your blog or referral link for free in click exchangers such as, You have to click on other advertisements to earn credits  and you spend these credits (1 credit to 1 advertisement) to advertise your blog or referral link.  This will not get you quick direct referrals but it will get you direct referrals for sure with no cost. I just get 200 clicks atleast per month. You can follow your own strategy with this method.

6. Join Down Line websites
This is my favorite way to get referrals. It works great and you can do it for free! Join and earn some free credits. Then promote the guide for free with your credits. People on are looking for PTC programs to join and you will get some DRs this way! Also, when you join using the previous link, I will earn credits off of your account and will use 100% of those to promote the guide for all co-op members!PTC so you will get some quick referrals.

I would be updating this topic periodically with new techiniques to get direct referrals. So keep visiting to my blog. Any comments  are welcome and thanks for your precious time.

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